Woodland Hills Car Accident Lawyers

Woodland hill drivers spend an estimated 4 days of each year stuck in traffic.  Since there are limited effective alternative for getting around, driving, and dealing with traffic is an inescapable part of living in Woodland hills.  With the traffic comes automobile accidents.

People are often seriously injured in automobile accidents; it happens every day.  When a person is injured their first concern is getting well, and the second concern is who is going to pay for all the necessary medical treatment.  This is where personal injury attorneys get involved, to help injured parties get proper medical care and get compensated for their injuries.

 Whether there is minor pain or major injuries, The Law Office of Kenneth E. Norman assists clients in each aspects of an unfortunate vehicle collision: dealing with the insurance companies, vehicle repair, rental car, prior medical bills and future medical treatment and bills.  We will also fight to get our clients the compensation they deserve for past and future medical treatment, lost wages, property damage and pain & suffering.  Call for a free consultation and let the resources of The Law Office of Kenneth E. Norman immediately assist you through this difficult and painful experience automobile accidents create.

 Woodland Hills Vehicle Accident Frequently Asked Questions

How Is My Car Going to Get Repaired?
Should I Let the Other Party’s Insurance Company Appraise My Vehicle?
How Is the Extent of My Auto Body Damage Determined?
Who Pays the Deductible for My Car Repair?
Do I Get a Rental Car?
Who Pays My Tow Bill?
What Other Costs Might I Incur While Getting My Car Repaired?
If I Didn't Have Automobile Insurance at the Time of My Accident, Will That affect My Personal Injury Case?
How Can I Get Paid If the Responsible Party in a Traffic Accident Case Didn't Have Insurance at the Time of My Accident?
How Can I Get Paid if the Responsible Party in a Traffic Accident Case Has Minimal Insurance at the Time of My Accident and My Injuries Far Exceed Their Coverage?
If I Didn’t Get a Copy of the Police Report, How Can I Obtain a Copy?
The Police Report Says I am at Fault for the Accident, but I Wasn’t; What Can I Do?
I Didn’t Get Any Information about the Other Driver; What Can I Do?

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