Slip & Fall Accidents

Slip & Fall/Trip & Fall (herein, “slip & fall”) incidents, whether from slippery substances or a broken stairway, can cause severe bodily injuries.  Landowners, landlords, management companies or Homeowners Associations (herein, “landlords”) are required to maintain their premises so as to be safe for all residents and visitors.  When hazards exist, the landlord is required to immediately warn of the hazard and to take adequate steps to remove/repair the hazard.  When a landlord knew (or should have known) about the hazard that caused your injuries, they are liable for all of your damages arising from the incident.  Just as with automobile accidents, you are entitled to have your medical bills paid and to be adequately compensated for your pain and suffering, inconvenience and emotional distress that you incurred from your slip & fall accident.  Slip & fall accidents for which you can be compensated can occur on residential property, commercial property or in public places, even the sidewalk.

Slip & Fall Frequently Asked Questions

  • S-1. Are Landlords Responsible For Accidents That Occur On Their Premises?
  • S-2. Who Is Responsible For Injuries Occurring On Someone’s Land?
  • S-3. May I Recover For Injuries That Occur At a Residence, Or Only On Commercial Property?
  • S-4. Does The Landlord Have To Have Notice Of The Hazard?
  • S-5. Does The Landlord Have To Repair The Hazard?
  • S-6. Can I Be Evicted If I Sue My Landlord?

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